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Service of Process Agents, Inc.(SPA) has provided qualified attorneys as resident agents since 1979. SPA is one of the oldest firms that provides designation of agents for motor carriers. We are the leader in the transportation industry. We assist our clients in all areas of state and federal compliance. Services include execution and filing of BOC-3 forms; providing information and referrals as needed on filing for reinstatement of authorities, state registration, fuel permits, liability and cargo insurance, security bonds, and the processing of authorities to travel interstate and intrastate.

Under the rules of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, all motor carriers are required to appoint an agent in every state or jurisdiction to, from or through which they are authorized to operate. Designation of agents (accomplished by filing a Form BOC-3) is one of the requirements which must be met before service is instituted under new or expanded authority. SPA is an authorized filer and has provided agents for service of process for over 35 years. We are a private company owned and managed by attorneys specializing in truck transportation. Unlike the majority of our competitors, all of our agents are practicing attorneys specializing in representing the transportation industry. If you need legal assistance in any state, our agents can help where others cannot.  At SPA, we take pride in our service, and our 3,000 clients will agree that we are the best in this field. We have the answers to your questions!

Why is SPA’s service unique?

Our company is run by motor carrier experts and retains attorneys in each state to not only transmit suit papers but also to assist clients with advice and representation in response to service of suit papers, cargo claims litigation, state and local citations, and other legal matters. Unlike its competitors, it offers its members Registered agents are needed in order to meet federal requirements that regulated parties can be served with suit papers in any state in which they are authorized to operate. In appointing an agent, you are doing more than listing someone’s name who can send you suit papers upon receipt. You are appointing someone you do not know as your agent-in-fact for binding your company with service of process and the entry of default judgments against you unless you respond in a timely manner. That is the reason you need to ensure that your actual resident agent and the blanket provider understand the importance and immediacy of ensuring you are timely served and properly advised of your legal rights.

At SPA, we take pride in our service, and our over 3,000 clients will agree that we are the best in this field!

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